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Source More Qualified Candidates & Reduce Poor Hiring Decisions

Less than 5% of companies do a good job to attract active and passive job seekers, yet 75% of employed Americans are actively seeking or open to new job opportunities (Jobvite Survey, 2012). Meanwhile, hiring mistakes costs US businesses billions of dollars annually; largely driven by unreliable resumes and traditional first interviews.

If you are relying on your ATS as your primary online recruiting model—then you are catering to ease of collecting data and not thinking about the job seeker experience.

AccuRecruiter engages job seekers and builds your pipeline with better qualified candidates that allow you to:

  • Reduce wasted time and resources on non-qualified candidates
  • Fast-track best candidates
  • Reach more passive job seekers
  • Improve employee turnover
  • Interview only those that should be interviewed

Avoid pitfalls most companies make with boring career sites or online job applications. Ask us how to make your career page more engaging.


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