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Engage More Prospects with a Unique and Custom Experience

Less than 5% of companies do a good job engaging with job seekers. Companies are not sharing information—they only ask for information (fill out a lengthy application).  And career pages typically look like an information dump (just text on a page).

Job seekers are searching for more. In today’s job market--interaction is essential to interested job seekers—this is what they expect and want. 


  • Attract More Passive Job Seekers – Too often job seekers are turned away from so much information requested upfront before they get any information about the company, the job, the opportunities. Give information first and attract more quality prospects.
  • Appeal to Gen Web— Meet the expectations of the Gen Web population with an interactive technology experience—an alternative to traditional recruiting.
  • Build Brand / Become Employer of Choice - Communicate your company, its culture, and what sets you apart from other companies. Share your Employee Value Proposition early in the recruiting process.
  • Save Time and Money—Touch fewer unqualified candidates. Meet your annual or seasonal recruiting goals in less time, thereby reducing time to hire and seasonal salary costs.

Grab job seekers with an automated online interview—an experience that is a give and take—rather than a 30 – 45 minute “retrieval” of information provided by the job seeker.